Soufuudo Ushinohone

Kaiseki /Kyoto Washoku

Luxurious table and chair seating on the relaxing Yuka.

The Nouryouyuka Course starts from 6,000 yen (seating charge included) and a la carte start at 600 yen per dish (seating charge included). 

Soufuudo Ushinohone takes exceptional pride in sourcing and serving only the best ingredients from across the country, such as fresh vegetables, Wagyu beef, Kyotamba pork and seafood straight from Ise bay.

The a la carte dishes are based on Japanese cuisine-based innovative cuisine menu, in which grilled and steamed vegetables and wagyu beef can be enjoyed in a wide variety of ways. The courses are centered around the seasons and guests are sure to be fully satisfied by the many seasonal ingredients they contain, such as hamo (conger eel), summer vegetables and premium wagyu beef. 

We also have a wide variety of beverages, starting with beers, highballs, chuhai cocktails, to Kyoto’s famous local sakes and wines, which are sure to compliment your meal. 

Business hours 11:30 to 14:00 (Last order at 13:30), 17:00 to 24:00 (Last order at 23:30)
※ Yuka seating only available until 23:00
Closed None (Lunch Yuka only available in May and Sept)
Price Lunch:from ¥3,000 (including tax) ※ Lunch Yuka only available in May and Sept
Dinner::Average price around (including tax)
※ ¥500 Yuka seating charge
Smoking Smoking area available
Seating Yuka seating: Up to approximately 30 guests
Inside seating: Up to approximately 50 guests
Address Hashishitacho 136, Sanjyo-kudaru, Pontochodori, Nakagyoku, Kyoto
Telephone +81-75-212-8224

Hashishitacho 136, Sanjyo-kudaru, Pontochodori, Nakagyoku, Kyoto


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