What is Kamogawa Nouryou-Yuka?
Yuka are decks which extend out from restaurants along the Misogigawa waterway which runs alongside the Kamogawa River from Kiyamachi Nijo-dori to Gojo-dori. These decks are open to guests between May 1st to September 30th (only open during the day in May and September), and offer comfortable outdoor seating in the open air beside the river.
When where the Yuka decks first made?
It is said that restaurants began to put seating out above the river in the beginning of the Edo period (1603-1863), which then developed into Yuka decks being constructed each year during the warmer summer months.
Can anyone dine on the decks?
The seating on Yuka decks is arranged either as traditional low tables that are knelt at or conventional tables and chairs, so find a restaurant that suits your seating preferences and dining requirements and make a reservation.
Please note that cancelling a reservation on the day of the reservation is regarded as bad etiquette.
Notes of caution
The decks are generally smaller in capacity compared to seating inside the restaurants and also do not offer partitions between groups of guests. Guests must be respectful of others and enjoy their meals quietly.
Playing musical instruments and/or singing on the decks is forbidden.
What if it rains?
Rain is not a problem, as the restaurant will provide you with a seating inside the restaurant.

For further details, please ask the restaurant upon making the reservation.

There is nothing like enjoying a delicious meal while feeling the warm sun and the breeze from the river.
We hope you have the chance to enjoy this unforgettable and unique experience of dining under the stars and surrounded by nature.