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Saiseki Area


Italian Food

A restaurant which offers happy dining experiences for every occasion, featuring pasta served with g...

Saiseki Area

Manzara Donguri-bashi

Creative Japanese “Obanzai” Cuisine
Izakaya / Creative / Homemade

Located near Donguri Bridge, enjoy the beauty of Kamogawa river at “Manzara Donguri-bashi”. ...

Saiseki Area

Thai Cuisine Baan Rim Naam

Authentic Thai Cuisine restaurant that blends into the atmosphere of Kyoto
Thai Food

The restaurant name “Baan Rim Naam” translates to English as “house by the river.” This fash...

Saiseki Area

Maison de Vin Uzuratei

Enjoy hot-pot and wine, with sommelier available to assist in selection
French Food

The restaurant has a 70-year history as being a chicken hot-pot restaurant. While preserving its roo...

Saiseki Area


Comfortable bar with candlelit tables
Bar / Dining Bar

Saint James Club is a vintage bar that serves over 260 varieties of alcohol and has a classic and st...

Saiseki Area


Delicious Japanese sake and cuisine
Kaiseki /Kyoto Washoku

Established in 1937, Ginsui is focused on providing delicious one-person hotpot, as well as refreshi...

Saiseki Area

Kyoto Cuisine Chimoto

Spend a time of complete bliss in traditional sukiya-zukuri architecture filled with prestige and history.
Kaiseki /Kyoto Washoku

Kyoto Cuisine Chimoto was first founded as “Senbon” on the Senbon-dori street of the Nis...

Saiseki Area

Beijing cuisine Tōka Saikan

Enjoy luxurious Kyoto cuisine between Kamogawa River and the Vories building
Chinese Food

The brilliant Baroque architecture was completed in 1926 and designed by the famous architect “Wil...