Area - Saiseki Area

Manzara Donguri-bashi

Saiseki Area Izakaya / Creative / Homemade

Creative Japanese “Obanzai” Cuisine

Thai Cuisine Baan Rim Naam

Saiseki Area Thai Food

Authentic Thai Cuisine restaurant that blends into the atmosphere of Kyoto

Shikisai Shiori

Saiseki Area Izakaya / Creative / Homemade

Many dishes that contain Japanese Tamba Wagyu Beef

Vineria h

Saiseki Area Italian Food

Kyoto-grown vegetables and authentic Italian Cuisine

Maison de Vin

Saiseki Area French Food

Enjoy hot-pot and wine, with sommelier available to assist in selection


Saiseki Area Bar / Dining Bar Single diner (riverside seats unavailable)

Comfortable bar with candlelit tables


Saiseki Area Kaiseki /Kyoto Washoku

Delicious Japanese sake and cuisine

Kyoto Cuisine Chimoto

Saiseki Area Kaiseki /Kyoto Washoku

Spend a time of complete bliss in traditional sukiya-zukuri architecture filled with prestige and history.

Beijing cuisine Tōka Saikan

Saiseki Area Chinese Food Reservation for lunch

Enjoy luxurious Kyoto cuisine between Kamogawa River and the Vories building