Cuisine - Italian Food

Saiseki Area


Italian Food

A restaurant which offers happy dining experiences for every occasion, featuring pasta served with g...

Shimokiyamachi Area

Amore Kiyamachi

The authentic atmosphere and flavors of Italy.
Italian Food

The interior of Amore Kiyamachi is almost one straight out of classic Italian movie. A large wood-fi...

Shimokiyamachi Area

Kyoto Kamogawa Club

A fashionable Yuka deck of tatami mats. A sense of luxuriousness that can be experienced by all the senses.
Italian Food

At the end of a narrow cobblestone alleyway stands a single Sukiya-zukuri-style building, the Kyoto ...

Pontocho Area


Splendid and delicate Kyoto style Italian cuisine
Italian Food

We are a Kyoto style Italian restaurant in Ponto-Cho. Other than Kyoto vegetables, we also provide s...