Shimokiyamachi Area


Bar / Dining Bar

A casual bar with outside seating on the Kamogawa Nouryou-no-yuka and where delicious food can also ...

Shimokiyamachi Area


A modern American-style cafe & restaurant that overlooks the Kamo River.

Kacto is a cafe & restaurant where guests can leisurely feel the passage of time and the seasons...

Saiseki Area


Italian Food

A restaurant which offers happy dining experiences for every occasion, featuring pasta served with g...

Kamikiyamachi Area

Moritaya Kiyamachi-ten

Serving on the most premium beef which is strictly selected and sourced directly from exclusively-contracted cattle farms across Japan.
Sukiyaki / Shabu-shabu

Established in 1869 as the first restaurant to specialize in beef in Kyoto city. Enjoy strictly-sele...

Kamikiyamachi Area

River Suite Kyoto Kamogawa

Enjoy a variety of innovative dishes created by top wedding chefs on Kamogawa Yuka.
French Food

A wedding venue which celebrates its 10th year in the industry now brings its experienced chefs and ...

Shimokiyamachi Area


Enjoy Delicious Italian Gelato on the warm riverside

Gelato with a special recipe that can only be found in Japan- enjoy Babi’s freshly made authen...

Pontocho Area


Enjoy creative Japanese and Western cuisine in the atmosphere of a Kyoto Machiya Teahouse
Izakaya / Creative / Homemade

Retaining the atmosphere and grandeur as a former teahouse, guests can comfortably relax in the all-...

Pontocho Area


Casually enjoy the atmosphere of riverside terrace seats in the geisha district
Kaiseki /Kyoto Washoku

Founded about 25 years ago, Takii is a Japanese restaurant with a casual atmosphere.  During summer...

Pontocho Area

Soufuudo Ushinohone

Luxurious table and chair seating on the relaxing Yuka.
Kaiseki /Kyoto Washoku

The Nouryouyuka Course starts from 6,000 yen (seating charge included) and a la carte start at 600 y...

Pontocho Area

Kyo-yakiniku Shin Pontocho

Enjoy Wagyu Omi beef, and the beauty and harmony of Kyoto in a Machiya overlooking the Kamo River.
Yakiniku / Japanese Barbeque

Along with the authentic taste of certified Omi beef,  the dishes at Kyo-yakiniku Shin Pontocho inc...

Kamikiyamachi Area

Yuba・Miso・Tofu Kyoto Cuisine Mameyagenzo

Miso, Tofu, and Yuba: the hidden ingredients that bring out extraordinary flavors.
Tofu Skin / Miso / Tofu Dishes

Mameyagenzo was a tea house prior to the war. After the war, the building was turned into a Japanese...

Kamikiyamachi Area

Kappo Roko

Luxurious Kaiseki cuisine at a reasonable price.
Kaiseki /Kyoto Washoku

Kappo Roko is a Kyoto restaurant renovated from a 100-years-old Kyoto residence. Its unique historic...